Trusted Anti-Corrosion Protection

Original Denso Brand on 10M rolls.

Denso Petrolatum Tapes and products provide on site anti-corrosion protection of gas, water, oil and other pipes and pipeline valves and fittings including structural steel.

It is a cold applied petrolatum tape which remains plastic over a wide temperature range.

Non-Hardening and Non-Cracking

It is highly resistant to mineral acids, alkalis, salts and micro-organisms. Highly impermeable to water, water vapour and gases and used for the protection of buried or exposed pipes, rods, cables, valves and metal fittings from corrosion.

Denso Tape Applications:

  • Provides insitu corrosion prevention of gas, water, oil & other pipes as well as pipeline valves & fittings.
  • Protection of tie bars, post-tensioned rods, cables and tanks.
  • Sealing framework.
  • General waterproofing medium, vapour barrier & thermal insulation.
  • Protection of metal components in transit & storage.
  • Sealing of electrical components & connections.
  • Isolation of dissimilar metals.